Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WIRING INFORMATION: 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

WIRING INFORMATION: 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora:--------
WIRE ------------- WIRE COLOR -----------------WIRE LOCATION
12V ----------------------RED -------------------------Ignition Harness
STARTER------- -----------PURPLE ----------------------Ignition Harness
IGNITION ---------------PINK ----------------------------Ignition Harness
SECOND IGNITION -------PINK/WHITE -----------------Ignition Harness
ACCESSORY --------------ORANGE ---------------------------Ignition Harness
SECOND ACCESSORY ---------PURPLE/WHITE ---------------Ignition Harness
POWER DOOR LOCK (-) ------LT. BLUE ---------------At Harness In Driver’s Kick Panel.
POWER DOOR UNLOCK (5-wire reverse polarity)-----TAN ----At BCM In Driver’s Kick Panel
PARKING LIGHTS (+) -------BROWN/WHITE -----Harness Low In Driver’s Kick Or At Module
Left Of Brake Pedal PARKING LIGHTS (-) -----GRAY/BLACK -------At Headlight Switch
DOOR TRIGGER (-) ----------DK. BLUE ------------Harness Low In Driver’s Kick Panel
TRUNK/HATCH PIN (-) ----------ORANGE/BLACK ------------At Light In Trunk
TRUNK RELEASE (+)----------------- BLACK ---------------Trunk Release Switch
FACTRY ALARM DISARM (-) -------------LT. GREEN ----------Under Rear Seat By Battery
TACHOMETER WIRE --------------WHITE ---------In Harness Between The Engine And Firewall On Driver’s Side
BRAKE WIRE (+) ---------WHITE -----------------Brake Switch Or Driver’s Kick Panel
HORN TRIGGER (-) ---------------BLACK ----------------At Harness At Steering Column
LEFT FRONT WINDOW UP -----------DARK BLUE ------------At Motor Inside Driver’s Door
LEFT FRONT WINDOW DOWN----------- BROWN ---------At Motor Inside Driver’s Door
RIGHT FRONT WINDOW UP LIGHT------------ BLUE Harness------ In Driver’s Kick Panel From Driver Door.
RIGHT FRONT WINDOW DOWN ---------TAN --------Harness In Driver’s Kick Panel From Driver Door.
LEFT REAR WINDOW UP ---------DARK GREEN -----Harness In Driver’s Kick Panel From Drive Door.
LEFT REAR WINDOW DOWN ---------PURPLE -------Harness In Driver’s Kick Panel From Driver Door.
RIGHT REAR WINDOW UP LIGHT------- GREEN -------Harness In Driver’s Kick Panel From Driver Door.
RIGHT REAR WINDOW DOWN --------PURPLE ------Harness In Driver’s Kick Panel From Driver Door.

Where is door module located and how to remove and replace it:-----
first you have to remove the inside door panel, find a tool to remove the push-on clips. because of the desing of such clips they break when removing the panel so new clips will be nesscessary to re-install it.
the initial step is to remove the twitter speaker, this is attached to the door by a push-on clip, then remove the windows master switch by prying at the top part of the switch (this is the end near the outside mirror control button) to release the clip that holds it in place. use the clip remover to break the bottom clips first then the bottom corner ones and lastly the side ones. finally pull on the panel upward and away from the door. panel should now be out. disconect all the wires and main harness to completely remove the door panel. Door Control Module(DCM) is held in place by two bolts at the top right corner of the drivers door. disconnect the four connector at the DCM and replace it.
NOTE: it takes a bit of force to break the clips holding the inside door panel.