Monday, May 23, 2011

Fi light error code for honda 2005 cbr 600 rr?

Place the motorcycle on its side stand. Start the engine and let it idle. If the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) does not light or blink, the system has no memory of problem data. If the malfunction indicator blinks, note how many times the MIL blinks, and determine the. Cause of the problem:----

If you wish to read the PGM-FI memory for trouble data, perform the following:
Tum the ignition switch OFF. Remove the seat .Short the PGM-FI system service check connector terminals.
using a jumper wire.Tum the ignition switch ON and engine stop switch RUN.Even if the PGMFl has memory data, the MIL does not blink when the engine running.



1.Tum the engine stop switch RUN and ignition switch OFF.
2. Short the service check connector of the PGM-FI system using a jumper wire.
3. Tum the ignition switch ON.
4. Remove the jumper wire from the service check connector.
5. The MIL lights about 5 seconds. While the indicator lights, short the service check connector again with the jumper wire.
Self diagnosis memory data is erased, if the MIL tum off and start blinking.

The service check connector must be jumped while
the indicator lights. If not, the MIL will not start
blinking. Note that the self diagnosis memory data cannot be erased if you tum off the ignition switch before the MIL starts blinking.

If the MIL blinks 20 times, the data has not been
erased, so try again.