Thursday, June 9, 2011

1999 Cadillac DeVille AC vents not opening?

If it only blows through the passenger vents and not the other vents, then the problem is the blend door actuator or the blend door itself has warped from heat. This can be an expensive repair as the entire dash needs to be removed to replace the blend door and in some cases the actuator. If you hear a clicking noise when you first turn on the AC system it is likely the problem.

You have a bad mode door actuator above the drivers side gas padal attached to the A/c housing. If you have never done one it is best left to a GM tech.

Also check the AC vent linkage.
The vent linkage is off for the vent. you need remove the a/c vent and inspect the linkage .

Its behind the glovebox assy. also drop r/side underdash panel.its the black box with a arm on it.

Remove the IP carrier. Refer to IP Assembly Replacement in Instrument Panel, Gauges, and Console.
IMPORTANT: The temperature door motor does not need to be removed in order to remove the mode actuator motor.
The temperature door motor is removed in the graphic in order to show the fastener locations.

Remove the mode actuator retaining screws (1).
Remove the mode actuator.
Note the position of the door levers to the cam. The mode door levers must be in the same position in order to reassemble the mode actuator to the HVAC case.

Lubricate the pivots on the mode door levers and the channels on the mode motor cam before reassembling.
Align the mode door levers with the cam slots, as noted on disassembly.
Install the mode actuator to the HVAC module
NOTE: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.

Install the mode actuator retaining screws (1).

Tighten the fasteners to 1.4 N.m (12 lb in) .

Install the IP carrier. Refer to IP Assembly Replacement in Instrument Panel, Gauges, and Console.
Recalibrate the actuators. Refer to BCM Programming/RPO Configuration (DIM) or BCM Programming/RPO Configuration (RIM) in Body Control Module System.

It states in the procedure that the I/P carrier(dash) has to be removed, that is not true. It would make the actuator easier to replace, but you would have the difficulty of removing the dash(which is not too difficult, just labor intensive). There may also be a code associated with your problem, in the IPM. Do you know how to read codes through your on-board feature?

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