Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2001 Volkswagen Beetle AC clutch will not kick in?

sounds like the pressure sensor on the A/C ,need a specialist becaust you will need to empty the system first to change the switch ,and the gas is expensive i pay 100€ for 15kgs.

The low pressure switch is what controls the clutch. Check to ensure you are topped off with refrigerant. If it is, get the low pressure switch replaced.

First find the low pressure switch, disconnect the electrical connection, use a test lead and touch it to the two terminals. You can use a paper clip, but be sure to not let it touch any metal or you can cause electric problems or blow a fuse. When the curcuit is commplet the a/c unit should start to pump, allowing you to recharge the system. Beetles are low presure systems from 15 to30 pound max.

The pressure switch is located on the ac line on the left side of the engine if your standing in front of the vehicle looking at the engine closer to the firewall next the timing belt cover.

Did you test the clutch? It is easy to do, disconnect the connector and connect a wire from the battery to the compressor connector. If the clutch is good you will hear it engage.

Ok.tested the clutch, ran a hot wire and ground from battery, the clutch kicked in.
Chased the wires back to fan control module from the ac clutch and connected hot wire and ground wire to clutch wires, clutch kicked in so no bad wires to there.
My question is...what could keep the ac clutch from getting power? Could the fan control module do this or is it a sensor?

It can be issue with fan control module.
Try this tests:---

First check fuses#3 and #8 on top of the battery for melting and fuse # 16 in the driver side dash fuse box.

1) Disconnect the radiator thermo-switch sensor; driver side bottom of radiator.
2) Make jumper wire with an in line fuse so you do short out the fan control module.
3) Use the jumper wire to connect the red wire and the red/white striped wire.
4) Both fans should run at the lowest speed.
5) Next connect your jumper wire to the red wire and the red/yellow striped wire; both fans should run at the highest speed.

If either fan does not work check the following...
1) Broken or frayed wires/connectors.
2) Thermo-switch sensor.
3) Fan Control Module.


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