Monday, June 13, 2011

2007 Jeep Commander sometimes does not starts right?

The transmission hot light comes on occasionally, but it comes on.This is indication or temp dropping.When the temperature drops the transmission hot light will come ON.Also if the tire pressure gets low, the light will flash.-------

Your jeep has an electronically controlled transmission, with 2 computers.

transmission control module - does all the shifting, etc..
electronic shifter module - located down in the shifter assembly. basically all it does is relay what gear your in to the transmission control module
95% of the time it's caused by the electronic shifter module not relaying the proper information to the transmission module. That's why your display gets wacky, as the car doesn't know what gear your in. Make sense?

The fix is to replace the electronic shifter module. Hopefully your still under warranty, as they are quite expensive, for what they do.

This problem will store a code "implausible data recieved from electronic shift module". Even if the car is back to normal operation, and the light has turned off this code will be stored in memory. If it's acted up recently (say last 300 miles or so) and nobody has erased the codes, I'd try another dealer, they should have no trouble diagnosing it.-----------------
I replaced the ESM / Shifter bezel and No more problems. Check engine light is off and No more codes.-2 codes P0700 & U0404 = Invalid data recieved from control module gear shift = ESM Shifter Bezel needed to be replaced. I replaced it 2 days ago and check engine light is out and trans shifts correctly now,No more codes on my jeep commander and it starts normally like always.-----------
There was a service bulletin released for this problem on jeep commander and other jeep.Please click this link and go through the procedure:---

Every time the temp drops, my dash light goes on.Go to the station and top off the tires and it comes back on. I checked my pressure the next day(light still on) and it went off shortly there after.But it does stay off after the initial temp drop.

I have the same problem, the weather here in Michigan is all over the place, 70 yeaterday and 50 today and the temp dropping causes the light to come on. If it stays warm for a few days or cold for a few days it goes off and stays off.

My dealership said that the TPMS is set to flash at 34 psi. That said, if you have just below 35psi, the system will flash. The dealership said to run 36 to 38 psi on the tires and everything would be fine, no more flashing. The system has not gone on since then (approx. 2 months).

Here's a Technical Service bulletin on TPMS.

Tire Pressure Monitor DTC's Due To The IOD Fuse Not Being Installed
This bulletin involves erroneous Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) that are caused when
the vehicle is driven without the IOD fuse installed.
2007 HB/HG Durango / Aspen
2007 WK/WH Grand Cherokee
2007 XK/XH Commander
The driver may notice that the Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) system is not working properly.
Whether a premium or base system, the tire pressure monitor warning light in the
instrument cluster may be flashing indicating a TPM SYSTEM problem.
On premium TPM systems, the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) may display
a “SERVICE TIRE PRESS SYSTEM” message. And when stepping through the EVIC to
the tire pressure display, all of the tire pressure readings may display as dashes “- -” rather
than actual tire pressure values.
Investigation by the technician may find the presence of all four TPM related DTC's:
C1501 - Tire Pressure Sensor 1 (L.F.) Internal
C1502 - Tire Pressure Sensor 2 (R.F.) Internal
C1503 - Tire Pressure Sensor 3 (R.R.) Internal
C1504 - Tire Pressure Sensor 4 (L.R.) Internal
The above condition is most likely caused by driving the vehicle without the IOD fuse
installed. If the vehicle is driven at speeds greater than 32 kph (20 mph) for more than
approximately ten (10) minutes without the IOD fuse installed, then the TPM system will
log the above four DTC's. This scenerio is most likely to occur when the vehicle is driven
while in dealer inventory.
Without the IOD fuse installed part of the Wireless Control Module (WCM), the receiver
circuit, is not operational (not powered). Though the TPM tire sensors are powered and
transmitting correct tire pressure signals, the WCM receiver is not receiving those signals.


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