Wednesday, June 8, 2011

4562 singer sewing machine details?

Before doing anything else, turn the needle 180 degrees and reinsert it. Rethread and try again. There is a definite "front" and "back" to needles that is hard to see with the naked eye, but it makes a BIG difference to the machine. Also make sure you're using the right needles... home sewing machine needles are different from serger needles.

Retiming is rarely needed for sewing machines unless the owner has given the needle bar a heck of a knock -- at a minimum, I'd expect a loud noise or a broken needle to precede the need for retiming for most machines.
underneath the table on the mechanics of the machine is a bobbin shuttle. the bobbin fits into the shutttle. when the machine rotates the bobbin rotates as the needle comes down. the shuttle picks up the thread from above and inserts the thread from the bobbin. when the needle comes out of the base it should carry with it the bobbin thread. try holding the loose end of the needle thread as it makes its motion down through the fabric.
Check the position of the bottom piece that holds the bobbin carrier to the left so it rides smoothly on the rotating hook that carries the upper thread around the bobbin. I found on some machine loose so the bobbin carrier was out of position and not riding on the ledge of the rotating part. loosen two screws and push it to the left and tighten.
If upper thread bunches below the material it needs more tension so it pulls back up through the material.

The machine and the sewing light are turned on and
off by the same power switch.
Power on-press "1" side of switch. Power off-press "0"
To run the machine, press the speed controller. The
harder you press, the faster the machine will sew.
To stop the machine from sewing, remove pressure
from speed controller.
IMPORTANT: For best sewing results, use only Singer
* needles. Check the needle package, and the Fabric,
Thread and Needle Table for the correct needle and
fabric combination.
• Raise needle to its highest position.
• Loosen needle clamp screw and remove needle.
• With flat side of, needle to the back insert new needle up into clamp as far as it will go.
• Tighten needle clamp screw securely.
Free arm sewing makes it easier to sew hard-to-reach
To change machine for free arm sewing, push in and
lift right edge of extension table, slide it to the left
and off the machine.
• Topstitch edges on sleeves, or finish waistbands and
pants legs easily.
• Sew buttonholes without stretching cuffs or neckbands.
(B) (E) (J) (L)
Your machine comes with the General Purpose
Presser Foot already attached. You can easily change
to any one of the other presser feet which snap onto a
common shank by following the directions below.
• Raise needle to its highest position by turning hand
wheel toward you.
• Raise presser foot using presser foot lifter in back of
• Push toe of presser foot up, until it snaps off the
shank .
• Take foot off machine.
• Place new foot under center of shank.
• Lower presser foot lifter, fitting shank over presser
foot pin .
• Don't turn screw. Instead, push presser foot screw
down firmly until foot snaps into place.

Winding a bobbin is quick and easy when you follow
the directions below. Always wind the bobbin before
threading the machine.
• Push in indent on hand wheel disc. This will stop
the needle from moving.
• Place spool of thread on spool pin.
• Slide spool cap firmly over rim of spool to prevent
thread tangling.
• Lead thread from spool and snap into thread guide
Wind thread clockwise around front of bobbin
winder tension disc.
• Pass thread end, from inside, through small hole in
rim of bobbin.
• Place bobbin on spindle and push it to the right.
• Holding thread end, step on speed controller to run
machine until desired amount of thread is wound.
• Cut thread; push bobbin to the left and remove it
from spindle.
• Trim thread end from top of bobbin.
• Return hand wheel disc to sewing position by pressing on side opposite indent.
Your sewing machine is easily threaded. The clear
threading path helps you avoid threading errors.
To thread your machine correctly, simply follow the
steps below:
• Raise presser foot lifter.
• Raise needle to its highest position by turning hand
wheel toward you.

• Place spool of thread on spool pin.
• Slide spool cap firmly over the rim of the spool to
prevent thread tangling.
• Snap thread into thread guide post.
• Following arrows, guide thread into threading channel
down to needle and firmly pull thread.
• Thread needle from front to back.
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