Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 amp glass fuse keeps blowing on norcold 2 way refrigerator?

ok well sounds like you may have a fault in your heating element....
this fuse should protect the 120v side and your heating element..... i would unhook you rheating element from the board, then using an ohm meter, check each wire against the frame, make sure none are shorted to ground and then to a resistance test across both wires, make sure the element isnt open....
if it shows open or very low resistance, id say your element is bad and should be replaced... i would check there first...
if your element checks out.. i would say you have a bad board and its shorting in the board somewhere.. inspect all the wires for signs of rubbing and make sure nothing is touching the board anywhere... if all that checks out.. you probably going to need a new control board.. but element would be first part to be checked and inspected.

5-Amp Fuse Blows Intermittently:--
Symptom:Blowing of 5 Amp fuse when switching from "AC" to "DC" or "DC" to "AC".
· When operating the refrigerator in the "ELEC" mode and the gas Ignition Switch is left "ON", components of the re-lighter can burn out when the 2-Position switch is changed from "AC" to "DC" or "DC" to "AC".
Possible Cause:
If the control panel has a 2-Position "AC-DC" switch, it may be
Replace the AC/DC (2-Position) switch with the AC/ELECTRIC STANDBY/DC (3-Position) switch.
The replacement AC-DC Selector Switch (61694822) has a feature which the control panel nomencla- ture does not indicate.
The switch has a center position
The addition of the center position
provides a user convenience and
When operating in the electric
mode, there are occasions when
electric power needs to be tempo-
rarily shut off. (example: When op-
erating in the DC mode, an RV
makes a short stop, thereby shut-
ting down the battery re-charge
means. The user can flip the switch
serve battery charge.)

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