Monday, June 13, 2011

ABS,traction and service stability light on Cadillac Deville dhs ?

Every couple of days I'm getting a ABS,traction and "Service Stability SYS" message. What exactly is going wrong when this message appears? What could be in need of repair or replacement?

Either get the car scanned at autozone for codes.Its absolutely free.They scan for code at no cost.---
But if autozone is not near by then, you need a OBDII tool.With OBDII tool follow this procedure to get codes:----

This is the proceedure for most OBDII Cadillac. Press and hold Info up, and On/Off button for about three seconds, until everything lights up. The dash will then say "All?" Use the info button to scroll up and down through the menu and the on/off button to select. Once it says "All?" just hit info down, and it should say "All Codes?" Once you get that, hit on/off and it will scroll through every code. Get ready with a pen or pencil. If you miss one of two, you can use the info button to scroll back through and have the computer list them again.
This should help you to find out what exactly is wrong.

As stated in the procedure above, check the codes first, to see what is throwing them.

Okay, I finally got the current codes from my cadillac. they are:
IPC u1000
RSS c0635
RSS c0640
RSS c0710
SDM u1040

And these 3 following codes appeared as current but then disappeared minutes later:
PCM p1571
PCM p1644
PCM u1040

Also I think my battery might be low or dying. The volts read fine, but when I start the car I get the ABS warning light, brake warning light and the traction control warning light. And I can't turn my heated seats on, can't re-engage the traction control and my steering is stiff. But after atleast 15 minutes of driving, usually everything goes back to normal.
Anyhow, if anyone can offer me any advice on my current codes or my other problems please let me know.


I have an 01 DhS,had same problem,it turned out to be shorted out steering wheel position sensor,fail code was 6G, all fixed now.

Had a similar problem on my DHS . Intermittently, when I would start the car, I wold get the ABS and Traction Control idiot lights as well as an occasional "Service Stability System" message. My compass in the mirror would die.

It was the ignition switch. Premature wear on the switch contacts caused a bad connection on, I believe, the data bus.

I replaced the switch almost three years ago and have not had the problem since.


I'm getting an intermittent Service Stability message, along w/the ABS light and Traction control.

My codes are:
ABS C1424
ABS C1423
AMP U1064
AMP 1128

This just happened to me I threw the same codes and had the Service Stability System light come on and off throughout a weeks time. Luckily I have a caddy guy who works for a dealership and does side work from his house. So last week I took it there. Turns out my brake module circuit went out. My Caddy guy charged me 450 + 150 labor.

BTW he told me it's ok to drive it like that the breaks will still work but to bring it too him asap. So I drove around with it like that for four days.

IPC U1000 - Class 2 Communication Malfunction from Instrument Panel Cluster - This is one I wouldn't worry about much. Clear it and check to see if it reappears.

RSS C0635 - Left Front Normal Force Circuit Malfunction
RSS C0640 - Right Front Normal Force Circuit Malfunction
RSS C0710 - Steering Position Signal Malfunction
SDM U1040 - Loss of Class 2 Communications with ABS

All of these seem to be pretty self explanatory. It seems like your damping valves on your front struts are not sending the correct signal to the suspension computer. I'd be willing to bet that your Struts are shot and need replaced. Also, steering position sensor might need checked. The sdm code is for your airbag system, and it appears the network isn't communicating properly, why exactly I cannot say.

PCM P1571 - Traction Control Torque Request Circuit
PCM P1644 - Traction Control Delivered Torque Output Circuit
PCM U1040 - Loss of Class 2 Communications with Power Control Module

Issues with the traction control system obviously, again, with the communication fault code to the PCM.

There was a sensor looking thing that i could not figure out exactly where it went. :X After driving the car for a day i got the "Service Stability SYS" on my display and traction control stopped working when it comes on. Also the ABS and Traction light come on. All i have to do is turn off my car and restart it to make it go back to normal. But im almost 100% sure that it has something to do with these sensor things on my brakes.

C1281 - StsbiliTrak sensors uncorrelated
C1283 - Excessive time to center steering
C1286 - steering/lateral accelerometer sensor bias malfunction
C1287 - Steering sensor rate malfunction

Every once in a while when i turn "LEFT" the car seems to think it is sliding and the stability system starts to run the brakes and usually almost stops me; and then right after i feel it release the brakes then it shows "Service Stability System". A lot of the time the display will chime, and then show the service stability system while i am driving on the highway, or sometimes even when i am backing in the garage.
The only thing that it does that i notice in "driveability" is that it trys to stop the car when i am turning LEFT. Kind of scary when the car trys to stop on its own while you are going around a corner.

And of course, the dealer said "it won't do it for us so we see nothing wrong"
They replaced the battery trying to see if it was a low voltage problem... of course, that did nothing to fix the problem; just cost me $140

I noticed vibration with this error lights it was ignition switch and rear wheel hub issue.
The stability and ABS systems will definitely be affected by wheel speed sensor differences. The sensors themselves are usually pretty reliable, so the next step is to get the rear up in the air and remove the wheels - check the center hub sensor connectors as well as (depending on suspension option) any electrical connectors going to the shocks and/or rear ride height sensors, including any connector (ball end ) rods.

The steering wheel vibration, on acceleration, may be caused by wheel runout due to rust chips or other foreign material between the rotor/hub and the rotor/wheel mounting surfaces. Carefully torque each lug nut to 100 ft/lb in a star pattern after completing any wheel/brake/rotor/hub work.


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