Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boss RC-50 troubleshooting?

I'm an italian guitar player. I've got a Boss RC-50 Loop Station since 2006.
As the title, i've a problem with this.
Follow me:
1. I record a pharse(4/4 120 btm) on pedal phrase one on patch one.
2. I save recorded phrase on patch one
3. I copy patch one on patch two.
4. Both patch are setting on "Loop End" mode for switching one from another [the execution of the current phrase must finish before start plaing the next selected phrase]
5. I start playng path one.
6. I select patch two with the knob (or pedals, there is no difference).
7. When patch one ends to play i wish that patch two start immidiately... but is not!!!
There is a delay time between the end of the execution of patch one and the start of the execution of patch two! it'sounds orrible and is not possible to sync well with the drummer!

Does anyone got the same problem?
Does anyone found the solution?

There is a firmware upgrade that addresses the very issue you speak of. Check out Roland for the firmware upgrade and read the directions on how to set up the RC-50 so that there is no gap between recording and immediate playback.

This firmware upgrade solves the issue of a loop not playing instantly after the 1st recording (although it is in sync) BUT it DOES NOT ADDRESS the problem mentioned above: the delay when switching patches. I have the RC 50 with the firmware upgrade, yet i have the same delay when switching patches, which it makes the whole thing unusable to me.

tnks for reply but there isn't a fix for this trouble.
I resettted all the options from start and now everything works to be normal.I resetted setting as per manual.

Do you have manual.
Yes i have.
Please click the link below:---