Thursday, June 2, 2011

cargo light switch for GMC Sierra?

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Will work in 1994 model bit of modification will be needed like it will be bit big size.or small size.but will easily fit.


How to add a separate switch for your cargo light.

First remove driver side dash fuse cover.
photo (3).JPG

Second remove two lower screws and 10 mm bolt on park brake release handle.
Gently remove lower dash panel.
photo (4).JPG

Third step, remove lower heater vent to access BCM and Cargo light wire. Once push in tab is removed vent will slide out with ease.
photo (6).JPG

Fourth, locate cargo wire in BCM. BCM is left of steering colum. Wire on the 07 Sierra is white with black stripe in the pink plug pin 2.
photo (8).JPG

This is the wire you will need to tie into the switch you are going to add.
photo (5).JPG

Next step is to decide were you want to locate your switch, any rocker/toggle type switch will work. This is a low amp feed to the BCM so low amp switch will work fine.
Now run a wire to either of the two red/white wires in the fuse area. Also add some type of fuse between switch and power for saftey.
photo (7).JPG

Tools used for job
photo (9).JPG

After you test and all is working you can reverse order and put your truck back together.

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