Friday, June 10, 2011

chrome push button on top is stuck in the cistern on dual flush cistern and toilet seat

Toilet cistern push button fell inside. It has a dual push button arrangement in a small plastic panel on top of a ceramic tank - I can't see how to get into it, as the button and panel seem to be locked together somehow, and the whole lot attached to the internal mechanism - I can see all this by peeking under the panel when lifting an edge. Any ideas how to undo such an arrangement, anyone...?

Usually an outer fixing ring around the dual buttons. Turn anti-clockwise to remove, probably a torbeck type valve has a bit of dirt in the orifice.
If the ring doesnt turn - There may be a retaining screw UNDER the buttons. Push one of the buttons down and insert a small screwdriver under the edge of the raised button. VERY gently lever the button upwards. Remove the second button in the same way. Is there a screw underneath? If so, turn it anti-clockwise and remove it. You should now be able to remove the panel. Before removing the buttons make a note of which is the 'short flush' and refit (when you have finished repairs) by replacing the screw and pushing the buttons back into position.

You will normally find that the whole button mechanism is screwed into the flush valve. To lift the top off the cistern you need to unscrew the button mechanism,

Thanks! There were slots for a srewdriver, exactly as you suggested, and we managed to get into it. Unfortunately, the internal mechanism doesn't do what the manufacturer's online info says (having got inside we could see what it was, and looked it up ;-) So we'll probably need a plumber after all! Because the plate amd mechanism was broken and plumber removed the nut from plate and replaced it with some after market plate.Now it works like a new.
IT was not costly but a tricky repair.But the plate was rusted, so needs to be replaced.