Thursday, June 16, 2011

Compressor testing on Amana sqd26vw refrigerator?

compressor is a costly part to be replaced.--------- But as per the problem it seems compressor is a issue causing the problem.-------- But before replacing compressor, its advisable to test the compressor.There is a start up relay /capacitor beside the compressor.Its called start up relay/capacitor because, this parts gives power and start up command to compressor to run.Its also called run capacitor.--------- Now i will explain you the wiring.--------- The power from main power cord, which you connect to electric outlet.The other end of the power cord connects to start up capacitor. relay in your refrigerator.Then from start up replay/ capacitor the terminal is connected to compressor.-------- You can say that relay/capacitor the mediator between main power cord and compressor.----------- ---------- It can be possible that this relay/capacitor is faulty and that is not letting the compressor to run.-------- This part is not very costly, its a $ 15 part.--------- so what you can do is.First unplug the refrigerator from main power outlet.------- then disconnect the relay/capacitor from the power cord terminal.And directly connect compressor terminals to the power cord terminals.---- Then turn on and see.If the compressor runs that means relay capacitor is faulty and needs to be replaced.---------- But if compressor is not running that way, then yes its faulty compressor.Loosing compressor is not very common,But in some cases it happens.The compressor needs to be replaced.---------

The safety notes:---- While by passing the relay/ capacitor.Please unplug the main power cord of the refrigerator from power outlet.---- The capacitor/relay its a part which saves bit current in it.even though its unplugged.So be care full.You don't touch any metallic part or non-insulated tip of copper wire.A minor current will be noticed, even the power cord is out.Just take care you don't touch any metallic wire directly on its tip.stand on wood base.-------Before removing the relay/capacitor our.Note down its exact end f relay/capacitor connected to power cord and other connected to compressor.You just have to remove relay/capacitor out and connect both compressor and power wires directly.Connect wiring's properly.--------- -------------- You can get required parts from :---

from online sites like: --- or from searspartsdirect online site.

This is how the run capacitor looks:----

To order this part , click this link below:--


But if replacing this part is not helping, then its faulty compressor.Compressor has to be replaced by proper tech.Its connection and voltage has to be checked , before and after compressor replacement.-----------

See part number 0341 is compressor and part number 0211 is the relay/capacitor in the diagram:--


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