Friday, June 3, 2011

DeLonghi PAC C100 Air Conditioner is leaking water inside tank?

Full intake tank:
The continuous drain hose is not connected correctly or is
obstructed & the air conditioner is
draining into the *intake tank then leaking out.

I had exactly the same issue after using it for a couple of months.
I fixed it by removing the left panel (the one with the grid) (6 screws and pull the panel down).
There is a small white tray in the mid section toward the back of the unit. the top drainage hole is right there and in my case was completly blocked with wet lint.

!!! the fins of the radiator are extremely sharp...

I took the unit apart as per above procedure , however I had no blockages at all.

I then proceeded to take all the covers off and see what was going on. The tray as per above procedure runs from left to right when looking at the back of the unit (which is how I will refer to sides from now on).

When the unit was turned onto cool and the blue fan part had kicked in, I noticed that water starts to condense off the brown coils, not so much from the side with the hole, but from the left side. I can only figure that the water is then meant to run along to the right side where the hole actually is and drain.

This was not happening for me, nothing blocking the drainage hole, and when the unit was made as level as possible (as my floor is a little slanted), and even having the unit tilted as little to the right, drainage was occurring properly.

End result: Keep level as much as possible, or even tilt the unit a little to the right (looking from the back) otherwise the start catchment will begin to overflow and leak out the bottom where the power cord comes out the bottom. If it still happens after this, open her up and look at the drainage hole as per above photo.