Monday, June 20, 2011

Endr then ntrd displays on Yamaha XT 125?

Try this :-------- Disconnect battery terminals wait for few minutes then with the battery connected the speedo should flash up enduro or motard. When it flashes from enduro to motard turn igniton on but dont start.
When it flashes again to enduro press the blue mode button on the front of the left handlebar. It should revert back to the correct mileage settings.-------------
----------------------- But if that is not helping, then you can reset the speedo.To reset speedo, remove the speedo connection and reconnect it after 5 minutes.This resets the speedo.To do this undo the two Allen bolts on the top of speedo whilst holding the nuts underneath then unclip the wire connector underneath speedo (lift little white tooth clip and pull) after you have removed the speedo for 5-10 minutes put it back on to the white clip turn the key into the central position (not starting the engine or to steering lock) then your speedo should be flashing endurance and motard depending on which you own (endurance being the "r" model and motard being the "x" model) when it flashes onto your type of bike turn on the ignition to the right and you should have the correct speed reading for your bike.----------- Also you can try this procedure :----------------- a much simpler way to change the display from enduro (the r model) to motard ( the x model) and vis versa, fisrt remove the seat by undoing the 2 allen key bolts near the back of the seat, then all you need to do is disconnect the battery for about 5 mins to reset the screen(always disconnect the negative first),then when you connect the battery back up the screen will say enduro and then notrd(this stands for morard) turn the key on and then when it flashes your model hold the mode button on the left handlebar(the little blue button) and then the screen will come to life and will say 125 and ethier notrd or enduro below the number 125, and this is the mode you have selected.

Disconnect the battery negative terminal, wait for few minutes, then reconnect and try the same procedure and see.There is no fuse controlling the switch.If that procedure is not helping, then it can be faulty switch or short in switch causing this problem.the mode switch needs to be inspected and replaced as per the inspection.-----------