Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ford focus powertrain malfunction light came on and runs sluggish?

As you mentioned that PCM light came on the dash.This indicates there is error code saved into the computer memory of the car.--------- The computer has to be scanned to retrieve codes.At autozone service center it absolutely free to get car scanned.-------- Just get your car there and get it scanned.In scanning the error codes will be detected.As per the error code it will point out what is causing the problem.So you can get that particular part first checked and replaced.-------- As you mentioned sluggish, so it can be issue with crank sensor, o2 sensor or fuel delivery problem or Any other engine part getting heated or something clogging the injectors etc etc.There are more possibilities too.But getting it scanned will get exact possibility causing it.Also if there is no autozone center near by, then getting it scanned at local auto partstore.They also have the same tool to scan.But they charge very minimum fee for the scan.May be they don't charge for scan if you buy repair parts from them.----- But getting it scanned will help.


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