Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ford Taurus compressor not working, is there high and low pressure switch?

yes there is a high and low pressure switch in the a/c circuit which is a safety switch for the system, if the a/c gas has leaked and dropped a bit of pressure this switch will prevent the compressor from activating. -------Another possibility , that can stop AC from coming on is AC clutch.If the clutch is faulty, it will not let the AC to get started.Run a wire direct to AC test it.By pass the clutch and run direct wire to Ac compressor and see if it runs.A 12 volt additional battery .get it connected and see if Ac starts running. ----------- The high pressure switch is located on the manifold assembly that attaches to the back of the compressor: --------------- The low pressure switch on top of the accumulator (black metal canister with 2 pipes behind pass. headlight). Jumper it with a u-shaped paper clip.The low pressure side is made up of larger diameter tubing than the high pressure side (aluminum tubing) that holds the refrigerant.
The low pressure service gauge port valve is located on the evaporator to accumulator/drier suction line.
The evaporator to accumulator/drier suction line contains low pressure refrigerant gas and is equipped with a serviceable low pressure A/C charge valve port.

Also, the low pressure side always gets cold when working properly with the a/c on. The cold low pressure side piping will develop condensation on a hot day.

Sometimes the low pressure port is located on a post that sticks up and has a blue or black cap on it, similar to schrader valve but different.

The quick connector connects to the hose found in an r134a kit that may have a 12 oz. can of r134a for bumping up the amount of freon in your system (sometimes cars leak this gas slowly through o-rings). ------------------ Click this link to view the ac pressure
switch :--


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