Thursday, June 9, 2011

GPS to the Uniden Solara DSC?

Now, as to calling yourself, that would only work if your radio can receive a DSC signal while it is transmitting a DSC signal. I'm not sure you can do that. I personally have the Icom M504. This radio has 2 receivers. One that constantly monitors channel 70 (the DSC channel) and a second receiver for normal voice communications. My manual says this radio can receive a DSC signal even while transmitting. But it can't send a DSC request while I am transmitting on another channel, as it only has one transmitter. Now even with my radio, I tried calling myself and it did not work.

This is why we're seeing big differences in the price of radios. You have to read the fine print as to what the radios capability is versus what you expect to be able to do. Even though a radio is advertised as DSC capable, there are varying degrees of implementation of this functionality. And it all comes down to price.

The SOLARA DSC transmits on fifty-six marine frequencies and
receives on eighty-one marine frequencies. Channel 70 of the USA,
International, and Canadian frequencies, and channel 15 of the USA
frequencies, and WX CH – are for receiving only. The radio transmits
on channel 70 when sending DSC information. Your radio will not
transmit on these channels. For your reference, a listing of all the
available marine channels are located on pages 22 - 24 of the manual.Click this link below to go through the manual:---