Saturday, June 25, 2011

Harley Davidson FLHR Road king wont start?

Check the run switch.By pass the run switch and check if the bike starts and runs.---------
The engine kill switch should be used to kill engine first before turning off ignition on EFI equipped HD Twins so the ECM can save into memory all the sensor shutdown settings (including idle speed). Easy to forget if you don't shutdown with the kill switch out of habit. ---------
You may also have a clutch interlock switch problem or neutral switch problem.------
So by pass this switches one by one.And try to start.,This will confirm which switch is the problem,--------
Also check the battery voltage it should be approx 12 volt.Also check voltage at the solenoid with the starter button pressed in.There should be 12 voltage.If not the starter relay is the issue.--------
Go through the start circuit. Check the starter relay for in and out as well as operation when you press the start button. Also verify the start button circuit when you activate it with a meter that it is a good circuit and operating to energize the relay.
Jump the starter relay by a external 12 volt battery and see if its getting power and bike starts, One side goes through start switch on handlebar and other side comes from TSM/HFSM module.----------
Also check the gas tank connector.The little square black connector for the fuel gauge on the lower left side.---------
Check the green wire at the starter for corrosion and make sure it has a good connection, this is the solenoid wire that engauges the starter, also check the starter bolts to make sure they are tight and check the grounds------------ Getting this possibilities checked will help to troubleshoot the problem causing no start.-------
This will help.Thanks.Helpmech.