Tuesday, June 7, 2011

how to raise handlebar on trek 7.3FX?

Changing the bar to a riser bar would be the simplest. If you add an extension to the fork steerer tube, or change the stem, you will be faced with resetting the preload on the headset bearings. This is not difficult if you follow the park Tool site, but not something I would suggest as one of the first maintenance tasks. For changing the bar you only have to loosen the bolts at the front of stem and the brake levers, slide off the grips and levers. Do the reverse with the new bar.

To raise the height you will need this:--]

Delta Alloy 1/8" Stem Riser - Silver

Click this link below:---To order and see this part.

Those handlebars have a rise near the stem instead of being straight like conventional road handlebars. Therefore you'll need a set of aerobars that are two pieces instead of one.

It can handle both 25.8mm and 31.8mm bars:You can order aerobars from the link below:--
Click the link below:--


I have wrist issues too (had surgery last year but it still flares up occasionally). I replaced the stock grips on my 7.3 with Ergon GR-2's, which have a larger surface for your palm, and integrated bar ends. Much more comfortable on my wrists, because they allow for a few different hand positions. Most times, I ride with my hands on the bar ends in a position similar to having my hands on the brake hoods of my road bike.

Syntac offers a two piece aerobar that should work.

It doesn't get harder. You just go slower.

I used aerobars on a mountain bike and 7.3 hybrid for a couple of years before I got my road bike. Worked great. The bars are still on the MTB and I have bars on my roadbike as well--wouldn't do without them.

As matter of fact, the aerobars made me so fast on the MTB that I also had to install a spoiler to keep me grounded.
For complete procedure to raise the height and buy parts, click the link below:--