Saturday, June 11, 2011

how to remove the dual flush cistern lid of hydra type toilet seats?

Common toilets have a cistern (water tank) lid that can simply be lifted off. but a close-coupled toilet has a water tank that is directly attached to form a single unit. The close-coupled toilet is becoming more popular, especially low-flush toilets, but repairing can be more challenging if you do not know how to take off the lid.

removing the lid requires removing the flush button and mount.

  • Press down on the outer ring of the flush button and turn counter clock-wise. This process can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually includes pressing down on the outer ring surrounding the button you push to flush the toilet to remove the mount. Remove butto

  • Pull out flushing buttons (screw covers) from their recess, if there are any. Some manufacturers have them and some don't. Removing them will expose any screws that need removal.

  • Remove screws. Some manufacturers will use plastic screws to hold in an assembly. Take the screw out before removing the flush button.

  • Remove the chamber holding the flushing button. Remove the flush button by gently prying the button up with a screwdriver if it does not lift right out.

  • Remove chrome plate, if you have one. Some toilets have a chrome plate around the flush button instead of a ring or screws. Simply push the plate to one side and then forward and off. Remove button.

  • Remove the entire cistern lid once you have the flush button off.

  • The toilet tank, or cistern, is the part of the toilet that holds the water reserve. When you press the flush handle or button, it triggers a mechanism that causes the water to rush out of the tank. The water then travels into the bowl where it carries away the sewage inside. Removing a toilet cistern lid is necessary if you have to service the parts inside.

    Low-Flow Models

    • Press the smaller button on the top of the low-flush cistern. This will allow you to access the bottom of the larger button. Insert the edge of a flat-bladed screwdriver underneath the larger button and pop it off.

    • Insert your finger underneath the edge of the smaller button and lift it off the switch.

    • Unscrew the silver disc where the buttons were installed by turning it counterclockwise. Lift it up and out of the cistern lid.

    • Remove the cistern lid by pulling it off the top of the cistern.

    Standard Models

    • Examine the top of the tank. Some cistern lids will have a bolt or screw holding them in place.

    • Unscrew the connection at the top of the cistern with a screwdriver or Allen wrench as appropriate. Remove the screw.

    • Lift the tank off the cistern.


      They are just loosely fitted. When you lift them out they have long plastic rods sticking out. If you look down the hole, you will see a screw holding the lid and flush assembly down.

      If it is a dual flush one, so there will be one large button and one small one you remove it by pushing and holding down the large button whilst wiggling the smaller one. The smaller one will then pull out with your fingers then remove the bigger one.

      There will then be a screw that needs removing before you can remove the outer ring or cistern lid.
      The buttons have a little snib on the back of them and they need to be dislocated before they can be removed.
      Once you have done it you will find it much easier the next time.

    The dual flush buttons on the top are in an outer ring. The outer ring needs to be unscrewed to allow the top to come of. It may be difficult to get a grip on the outer ring if it is shiney, best to put some rubber gloves on, press down on the ring and turn at the same time.