Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to remove the switch from the Handel on Kenmore Whispertone, model 116

Seee image 1 ,2 and 3 for removing switch from Handel.




For belt replacing read instructions below:--
The instructions in the manual tell you to remove the light cover and bulb first. To do this, press in and lift both sides. Push in and turn bulb counterclockwise to remove. (you need to do this because the next step involves turning the unit over). This takes you to
Step 2. Unscrew the cover screws ( on either side of bulb).
Step 3. Turn unit over. To remove cover, insert screwdriver at cover tabs on both sides and twist to release tabs.
Step. 4 Turn unit right side up. Press handle release pedal and lower the swivel. Tilt cover forward from back until front snaps free.
Step 5. Carefully insert and twist screwdriver at each brush support to free brush from base.
Step 6. Remove worn belt.
Step 7. Slide brush supports off to check and clean brush support areas.

To replace belt: slide washers and brush supports onto brush assembly.
Install new belt over motor drive, then over brush sprocket.
Snap brush supports into place on base. Be sure brush supports are not upside down.
Line up front of cover and base. Rest cover on front edge of base. Tilt cover to back. Press cover firmly until side tabs snap into place. Replace cover screws, light bulb and light cover.

For repairing the vacuum cleaner, read instructions below:--
  • Locate the light cover on the top of the power nozzle and push in on the left and right end while pulling up to remove the cover from the nozzle.

  • Press in on the light bulb and twist it counterclockwise to remove it from the power nozzle. This will prevent damage to the light bulb while removing the power nozzle cover.

  • Remove all of the screws on the top of the power nozzle with the Phillips screwdriver.

  • Flip the power nozzle over and release the cover tabs by inserting the flat head screwdriver into the tabs on the left and right side of the power nozzle and twisting the screwdriver until you hear a click.

  • Turn the power nozzle over again, press the handle release and lower the handle to the floor.

  • Grip the back of the power nozzle and lift up to remove the cover from the power nozzle. You now have access to the power brush and belt.

  • Slide the screwdriver into the brush support on both sides of the power brush. Lift up on the screwdriver to release the power brush from the nozzle.

  • Lift the power brush from the nozzle and slide the belt off of the brush and the motor pulley. Dispose of the power brush and the belt in a waste receptacle.

  • Wrap the replacement belt around the motor pulley and slip the other end around the sprocket on the replacement power brush. The belt should sit in the center of the motor pulley and the power brush sprocket.

  • Press the power brush supports into the power nozzle. You will encounter some resistance, which is due to the elasticity of the replacement belt.

  • Place the front part of the power nozzle cover on the front of the power nozzle and push the back end of the cover onto the power nozzle. You will hear a click when the cover is in place.

  • Insert and tighten the screws with the Phillips screwdriver and reinsert the light bulb and the light cover. You are now ready to use the vacuum cleaner again.