Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to replace Adaptive Defrost Timer on Maytag side by side refrigerator MZD 2766GEB?

It should not take more then 20 minutes to do this replacement.
The procedure is as follows:-----------
Also there is a online video showing how to replace defrost timer:---
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Few replacement instructions for this parts by the users:----
USER 1:--
Removed the Hex head small screw at the middle back of the Back wall of the fridge above the top shelf. Removed the 2 small Hex Head screws that go into the of the Plastic cover upwards into the top roof of the fridge.
I ended up with an extra screw so I dont know what I did...
The hard part is pushing up on the two tabs, one on each side in the extreme back on the bottom of that white plastic cover. You have to pull the coverwhile releasing the tab (locks) by pushing UP. The Right side was easier, I got that side to release and drop down. But the left side took some pressure on the tab with a fat screwdriver.
Then you have to kinda of Bend the cover to get it to slide out...

Then take out the 2 phillips screws above the light bulbs. the left side one is tricky, need long skinny driver.

Drop assembly down and on the back right is the ADP board. Mine was a bare board but the replacements are enclosed in white plastic that fit in place just fine.

Pry connector off of the board carefully and drop new plastic circuit board case in and replace.

Put a thermometer in a glass of water. unplug fridge for 10 minutes and then plug it in. Give it a few hours..
Everything seems fine.

USER 2:--
I first dropped the Cover Assy, which covers lites and controls, this was done by pulling it forward and it drops down, did not remove top shelf so It was a bit difficult to tilt cover assy. for removal. There is a srew located close to filter assy. in back use nut driver 1/4"located to remove this screw, there are then 2 screws located to the rear and side of light holders, both phillips head, the one on the left side is a bit tricky to remove but I use a thin bladed scredriver, Next there are 2 screws located on both ends od the slides that control temp, both again removed witn1/4 " nut driver, the whole upper assy drops down and forward the Adeptive Defrost assy is located in the back right corner of this assy, unplug the wires and unit snaps out, I foud it easier to pop off top cover of new unit so I could see connector assy when I reattached the wires, then replaced the top assy and snapped new unit it place, Reassymbly was reverse of removal, before placing cover assy back in place I replaced both lamps as 1 was out .

The hardest part of this repair was removing the plastic cover in the ceiling of the refrigerator compartment to get to the board. The screws all were easy to find (2 on either side of the temperature slide control; 2 on either side of the bulbs; and two in the underside of the compartment that houses the board in the far back right corner) and came out easily, however the 2 little plastic "tab locks" at the rear of the cover made things a little difficult. The right combination of pressure on the tabs and outward pulling of the cover took me quite a few tries to get right; but once the cover was off the rest of the repair was simple! The replacement part is a little different from the original in that it is now encased in a plastic housing, whereas the original was just a bare board. But it fit in perfectly - I snapped off the old wiring assembly and snapped in the new one, and we were off to the races. The cover proved to go back on a little easier than it had come off and in about 3 hours I heard the first piece of ice drop and the refrigerator compartment was down to 30 with the temperature setting set in the middle at 5. (I've sinced lowered it a little to bring the temp to about 36) - This was a really easy repair that saved me about $200; a break I really needed. And if you don't believe that it's easy and that you can do it yourself, this should really motivate you.
The adaptive defrost assembly is located in the refrig compartment. This requires removing the panel which covers the temp controls and interior lighting. In the back right hand corner is the adaptive defrost circuit board. It has a six wire connector and is retained by two screws.

Remove the two screws and grip the connector making sure to disengage the locking tab with holds the connector in place.

Replace with the new assembly by plugging in the connector, replacing the two screws and then reinstalling the compartment cover.

Set the temperature lower than you normally would temporarily to make sure that the system is working properly (takes 30 - 45 minutes).

Once the unit begins to cool again, you can gradually readjust the temperature to it normal range in both the freezer and refrig compartments.

I used a flashlight and a mirror to check the coil in the freezer compartment for a couple of days to make sure that the defrost function was working correctly by looking up into the louvers and observing if there was any ice accumulation.

Defrost circuit was inside the control assembly inside the refrigerator so I snapped the two release clamps located to the rear of the assembly (lights and controls). Slid the whole assembly cover off and removed the lightbulbs and two screws right above them. In from of that is the temp switches and directional slider, removed the two screws holding that. With the four screws out, removed whole assembly and laid it dowm on the first shelf, defrost circuit is at the back right, easy change out but take note which way the 4 prong plug fits into the circuit board. Refrigerator was back to normal in about 6 hours.
Also there is a online video showing how to replace defrost timer:---
Click this link below and see the video:---
This video will give you exact idea and detail.So you can replace this defrost timer yourself.------------
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