Tuesday, June 14, 2011

how to replace cartridge from Moen 5 valve?

The procedure is most probably near to same in 2,3 and 5 valves.Just it has additional valves.---------

See below:---
Pull the handle off from the faucet and pull the limit stop off. Remove the washer from the cartridge and use pliers to remove the retaining clip. The clip has to be removed, if you forget to remove clip, the cartridge will not come out easily.


Cartridge Removal

You are now ready to remove the old cartridge. Insert the white plastic tool, which is included in your kit, onto the cartridge stem so that it straddles the ears. Use pliers on the white plastic tool and loosen the cartridge by twisting back and forth. After removing the white plastic tool, grasp the cartridge stem and pull it straight out of the valve. see below, you can see the whilte plastic tool.


Cartridge Reassembly

You can now install your new cartridge. Push the cartridge straight into the valve, making sure that the ears of the cartridge are lined up precisely with the retaining clip notch.