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how to replace evap vent control valve and canister on on 2006 Nissan Frontier

To test your vent control valve you just disconnect it and put 12v power to it and see if it moves properly. Behind your driver side rear tire there is a charcoal canister. on the front of it is your vent control valve. It has 1 electrical connector and 1 hose going to it. To remove it there is just 2 10mm bolts. Now put to wires to the pins coming out of the control valve and put the wires to your car battery to see if it works right. Look into it and you will see a valve that should move when power goes to it. Chances are, you need a vent control valve. Up here in the north, they start to rust and cause the valve to not work. If you don't replace this you will notice your car will start running funny and may be hard to start. It is not uncommon for this to happen.------------
If the valve is checked faulty, it has to be replaced.---------
There might be 2 different vent control valves to choose from. The difference is, either the vent control valve is flush to the charcoal canister or it has an o-ring and goes into the canister. I would highly recommend 1 from the dealer. You may want to take the control valve with you when you go to the dealer so they can match it up. May be a bit pricey BUT same valve is needed.

I replaced the vent control valve and the pump problem is fixed. This was an easy 5 minute job. The part number is 14935-54U04 and ran about $45.

After replacing the valve if still the MIL light is on.Then it has to be reset.

To get rid of the MIL light, you will have to get to your onboard computer, which is located to the right of the gas pedal by your feet inside the car. You will have to remove the plastic cover (there are two plastic screwy things, and two nuts). It's a little tricky to get to the nuts, but I used an angled wrench and it worked. Pop off the plastic cover. You'll have to force it off the hump of the computer. Once the cover is off, you will be able to move the computer off the floor and I find it works best to move it towards the passenger side. Look at the back of the computer and you should see a screw that is behind a plastic see-thru sticker. You will need a flat-head screwdriver. Remove the plastic sitcker thing but don't do anything. Put your keys into the ignition, and turn it to the ON position, which is as far as you can turn it without starting the car. Now, go back to the computer, find the screw, grab your screwdriver, and turn the screw carefully clockwise until you feel a slight pressure. Do not turn it past the pressure point. Hold it here for at least two seconds, and then turn the screw counter-clockwise until the original pressure point. Now, look at your MIL light, you should see it blinking. This is the error code. To clear the MIL light, turn the screw clockwise again to the pressure point, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back counter-clockwise back to the original pressure point. Turn your ignition key to the OFF position and then start your car. The MIL light should have gone away.

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To replace vent control valve ( VCV) assembly
You will need:

Wet cloth
Two hands
About 10 minutes of your time
Compressed air (optional and recommended)
Safety glasses (optional and recommended)
Machanics gloves (optional and recommended)

1. Locate the VCV Assy. It is located just above your rear axle, connected to your evaporative emission control (charcoal) canister on the drivers side of the vehicle.

2. Unhook the hose from VCV Assy., then unhook the hose from the upper frame mount and remove the hose completely. You will most likely notice dust and debris in both the hose and your VCV Assy.

3. Next, firmly twist VCV Assy. approximately 45 degrees counter clockwise, and pull from the canister. It may appear stuck, as the o-ring has set a seal inside of the canister.

4. Now, unhook the electrical connector from the VCV Assy. by firmly pulling while squeezing the electrical connector tab open. This may be harder than normal if you have a lot of dirt or debris built up in this area.

5. Now, locate your new VCV Assy. (Nissan Part # 14935-AM60B) and remove it from its package. Get your damp rag and moisten the o-ring and the orifice of the canister, making sure both connections are clean and free of debris.

6. Plug your new VCV Assy. into its electrical connector, then insert your new VCV Assy. into the canister the same way the old one was removed, by firmly pushing it in the orifice at a 45 degree angle and twisting clockwise until it is locked into place.

7. Now take your compressed air and blow through the breather hose you removed earlier. Also blow out the frame connection in order to blow out loose dust and debris which could be sucked into your new VCV Assy.

8. Once again, take your damp rag and clean the connections on the frame and VCV Assy. and plug the breather hose in the same way it was routed before removal.

I found the part I need for about $45 bucks on Rockauto.com =

That is the correct part, but honestly I would go with the OEM in this case. Its up to you though.

Its approx $100 for original nissan part from nissan service center.


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