Wednesday, June 1, 2011

how to replace toner cartridge on Brother HL 1240 Printer?

The Brother HL-1240 printer overall is a solid option. It is important to understand the limitations of the printer.

Many users don’t follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in terms of paper weights and sizes,

it is important to understand rationally what the printer is able to do.

Remember to keep the printer serviced and clean reducing waste and obtaining more page yield per cartridge. Follow the instructions to replace the cartridges correctly.

Replacing the toner cartridges on the Brother HL-1240

Press the release button, and open the frontal cover.
Dell 1320 Step 2 Remove the cartridge from the developer.
Dell 1320 Step 3Clean the Cable inside the top of the developer by carefully moving the blue handle from right to left a few times, Put the handle back in position after installing the cartridge in the developer.
Dell 1320 Step 4Push down the block lever and then remove the cartridge from the Developer.
Dell 1320 Step 5Unpack the new cartridge, keep it in a horizontal position, shake it firmly five or six times.
Dell 1320 Step 6Open the Cover.
Install the new cartridge in the developer until a click shows you that it is on the correct site. When the cartridge is correctly installed, the block lever pulls up automatically.
With a dry and soft cloth, clean slightly the sweep window.
Install again the developer and close the cover.