Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to reset Braemar Spectrolink ?

Try the following steps:
1. Disconnect the controller from the wall and unplug the power connection. A small battery icon may appear on the screen to show it is running off stored power.
2. Open the door on the Spectrolink controller unit and wait for the word "DOOR" to start flashing.
3. Hold down one of the Zone buttons for a few minutes, or until the screen fades away completely, and then for another 30 seconds. Finally the controller is completely off!!
4. Plug the unit back into the wall. The unit powers on slowly, displaying some dashes "--" for a while, and then eventually it should display "YES" to indicate successful boot up.
5. You may have to set the time and day again.
6. Open the door (if not already open) and press the 'Reset' button to send a reset signal to the heater.

Displayed flashing together with another segment
(ie. time) to indicate other function must be set.
Is displayed flashing if a fault occurs.
Press the RESET button to restart the heater.

DOOR is displayed flashing when the door is open for more
than 30 seconds.
Symbol will disappear after any button press.
Heater will not turn off if door is open.

RESET flashing with a number displayed in-place of the time.
Open the front door on the control, press the RESET button.
The heater should operate after about 20 seconds.
If RESET reappears, wait 10 minutes, press the RESET button.
The heater should now start.
If heater fails to start contact your service agent.