Wednesday, June 15, 2011

jeep cherokee, have to crank the engine 2 to 3 times before its actually starts and also gas gauges runs crazy sometimes?

The fuel sending unit or maybe a short in the wire on fuel level sensor on fuel tank.---------But as you mentioned that it does not directly, you have to crank the engine 203 times and then it starts.This is indicating problem with fuel pump.The fuel pressure is bit low then required.So when you crank 2-3 times bit additional pressure gets there and it starts.When you crank few times the pump gets bit hot and expanded and it starts flowing fuel till its hot.But when you turn off the car the engine gets warm in about 10 to 15 minutes and again you have to the same and same cycle repeats.----------
So as per your problem mentioned.There are two possibilities.The fuel pump and filter needs to be checked and replaced.Another possibility is short in the fuel sending unit or loose connection at fuel sending unit wire.Both possibilities are to be checked and then replaced.You can test fuel sending unit voltage by meter.For fuel pump and filter issue.Get the fuel pressure checked.If the pressure checked low the fuel pump and filter both are to be replaced. Also get the ground connection checked for fuel sending unit.----------
clean all the wire connections under the Jeep, on the pump. Also give the float sensor a jet of WD-40.Then see if the gas gauges starts showing proper details.---------

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