Friday, June 10, 2011

Kenmore micro wave oven shows error f6?

F6 usually means it has a problem on the control circuit board or needs a new keypad.

i fixed by unplugging the microwave with the door open. I plugged it back in and the F6 was gone. I was then able to set the clock and turn the light on/off . When I closed the microwave door, the F6 came back on and the microwave was making a humming noise. I slapped the side of the microwave near the keypad, and the F6 cleared from the readout and the humming stopped. The microwave is working fine now. Don't know why, except maybe slap on the side reset a relay or something.

The "slap fix" worked for us, except, the hand slap did not work. So i used a soft rubber mallet and gave it three moderate whacks on the side of the oven near the keypad area. Then i plugged it in and it worked. Thanks!

I got F6 error message this morning. Tried unpluging still F6 and humming. Searched the net and found this site. Tried the slap method - much to my surprised IT WORKED. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks so much.

Just did the right handed slap move to the side and bingo, fixed the problem, no tools required!! - Thanks!

#1 Tested a fuse behind control panel - NO HELP
#2 Tried the 'unplug & plug' technique - NO HELP
#3 Hit the side of the control panel with my fist - SUCCESS!!!!!!

I got error f6 seven times in 2 years. Every-time slap it towards the side of keypad and it works.
But last time id did not worked.I called tech and he said that relay on control board is got short.I shared this slap procedure with him and he said that relay never goes directly bad, first it gets loose from board and looses it contacts and slowly slowly it looses it contact.And may be slapping the side is making relay rto connect again and error goes clear.

The F6 error is telling you the relay on the control board of the microwave has failed. You should get a technician to diagnose and repair the problem.


Thanks for the tip. I unplugged, opened the door and slapped the side. Much nicer than a repair bill. I stumbled on to this site by accident and I am sooo glad I did. Thanks

sounded like it was running while F6 was on the screen. We hit the side of it a few times-each time harder ;) and it worked! I thought we'd have to replace our 11 yr old microwave. Now we can save for it first. Thanks again!!!