Friday, June 10, 2011

lincoln town car shuts down when engine gets warm?

Replacing the pump is easy on your Towncar. The tank is mounted vertically behind the rear axle. You will need to disconnect the wiring connector, remove the fuel lines with a fuel line tool available at most parts stores and remove the 8mm bolts holding the pump to the tank. Then pull the pump out from the front of the tank. You can only do this if the fuel level is 3/8 or lower otherwise fuel will leak out and make a mess.

In many cases its noticed, that faulty crank sensor stops responding to ECU, when it gets hot.If replacing fuel pump is not helping, then second possibility to replace is crank sensor.

You do not need to remove the pulley or do anything with timing. To replace the crank sensor the a/c compressor needs to be moved out of the way to pull the sensor out of the front timing cover. I see problems with the connector pins causing the bad connection.


The crank sensor or connector. The fuel pump and PCM/EEC power relays are located next to the fuse box under the hood by the wheel arch.


An intermittent crank no start can be caused by a few things. When this happens you need to check for fuel pressure and spark. Here are some common causes that you can check. When the problem is happening wiggle the crank sensor connector located next to the crank pulley behind the a/c compressor, tap on the pcm and fuel pump relays and hit the fuel tank with a rubber mallet to see if the pump kicks on.

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