Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the oil blow out of aircleaner hose on Electra Glide Standard?

This problem is noticed by many other users too.
Twin cams tend to over pressurize the oil in the rocker boxes, which then vents out to two tubes behind your air cleaner (those two rubber tubes back k there? yup those... The theory is that the intake suction will pull that oil back into the motor and burn/push it through the exhaust... in reality, it leaks all through the air cleaner.


Go to auto zone and buy some tubing to vent the excess oil from the heads to a catch can on the lower portion of the bike (you can dump it on the road, but it makes your back end really grimy...) Almost anything will work, but if you want pretty, Jegs makes some little alum or SS cans with breathers and you can use spiffy ss wrapped tubing, all up to you. (PS block off the holes in the back of the air cleaner too, so dirt will not get in).

If there's oil coming from the breather hose it is wet sumping.It just doesn't fill the crankcase enough for you to see a difference in the oil level.You either have a piece of crud on the check ball seat,a weak spring,or you need to resurface the check ball seat.A good way to resurface the seat is to tack weld the old check ball to a used pushrod then use that to burnish the ball seat.Then install a new check ball and spring.Don't stretch the old spring to make it try to seat.

This engine breathes through the heads instead of the lower crankcase. The crankcase pressure that exists the heads is full of oil mist. This mist is supposed to be Pulled into the Carb and burned as part of your air fuel mixture. Sometimes oil builds up in the air cleaner and blows back on the oil tank. One more thing, Sometimes if your bike sits for a week or two oil will leak past the oil pump and build up in the bottom end of the engine. When you start the engine the oil pump can't keep up and the excess oil is pushed through the crankcase vents. The crankcase vents into the air cleaner creating extensive oil blow back.

Too much crankcase pressure or the breather pipe is split/dosconnected. The crankcase breather goes into the rear of the air filter and the crankcase gasses are drawn in to the cylinder with the gas/air mixture and burned.Check oil pump pressure and leak.Also clean oil build up and this will do.