Sunday, June 12, 2011

P1000 obd2 code details?

P1000 obd2 code is not a faulty engine code but indicates that the resetting cycle of the engine computer is not complete.

P1000 fault code is a misnomer because it is not really a fault code. When this code is flashed in your dash panel, it just shows that the reset cycle of your engine computer is not completed yet. Normally, if you are resetting the code, you would disconnect the battery (-) terminal for 1 minute and reconnect. However, on some engines like Ford, the previous code is not totally erased yet so that this P1000 code will show up.

To erase this P1000 code, all you have to do is to run the vehicle for about a week and it should be sufficient to remove all the old codes from the computer memory. Again on some type of vehicles like Mazda, you can use a resistor to bypass the coolant sensor and air temperature sensor to fool the engine computer into thinking the engine has reached a certain "warmed up" temperature. Having set this and running the engine for a few minutes in drive mode (you have to raise the drive wheels) and cycling the ignition key in on and off position, the completed cycle could be mimicked.


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