Thursday, June 16, 2011

Power door lock actuator on 2003 Lincoln Town Car?

Power/electric door lock system consists of a lock switch and a lock actuator for each door, as well as the wiring harnesses. Both the lock switch and lock actuator are subject to failure after prolonged use, necessitating replacement.

  • Close the window on the door in question. Pry the Town Car's inner door handle bezel out of the door using a trim tool. Disconnect the lock switch from the wiring harness by hand.

  • Remove the retaining screw from the window switch bezel using a Phillips screwdriver. Pry the bezel out with the trim tool. Disconnect the Lincoln's window switch from the wiring harness by hand.

  • Remove the Lincoln's door panel retaining screws using the Phillips screwdriver. Lift the door panel upward and then pull it away from the door by hand.

    FOR example if you want to see how the actuator looks.Click this link below:--


    If you want to to see video on how to replace actuator.Please click this link below:---


  • Unplug the door lock harness from the base of the door lock actuator, located inside the door just below the door lock knob, by hand. Unbolt the actuator using the socket set.

  • Rotate the actuator by hand until the lock rod comes out of the actuator eyelet. Remove the Lincoln's lock actuator from the door.


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