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power sliding door wiring harness on a 2005 Town and Country chrysler?

Replacing the wiring harness, called the sliding door channel, is a easy job that can save you hundreds of dollars. This harness carries a few wires between the vehicle and the power motor in the door. Over time and use, these wires may break, causing the loss of use of the power motor. Depending on where the break is on the wire, the door may partially open up to a certain point, and then stop.

Typical repair costs for this job run from between $250-$300. The job can be completed using standard house hold tools (phillips / flat head screw driver and pliers) in under half an hour for even novice mechanics.

Your local Chrysler dealer will need the VIN number (last nine digits) to get the right harness part number. There are multiple parts, including: 4868122-AE ($71), and 4868484-AD ($133). The latter is a redesigned, new version of the part.

Disconnect the negative battery cable before beginning to avoid the chance of damage.

Electrical connectors:

There are three electrical connectors to remove: On the B-pillar, on the door itself, and on the body under the door opening.

B-pillar connector:

  • Remove the door sill plastic plate by prying it up from the back to undo the latches. Then pull the sill outwards of the van.
  • Optionally, take off the bolt that holds the seat belt in at the base of the pillar to free up space. That's not necessary though.
  • Push the bottom of the B-pillar cover inward, towards the seat, to unlatch it.
  • Optionally, pull up the bottom weatherstripping, beginning at the middle of the door opening, to get a better view of the wiring.
  • Follow the harness wiring and you'll see the large green connector near the floor behind the B-pillar cover.
  • Pull back on the red tab on the electrical connector until it clicks (practice on the new one), then push down on it to remove it.

Door connector:

  • The other end of the harness is on the backside of the door and is visible below the door trim. That connector is a little trickier because it has two locking methods.
  • Pull the gray lever down to unlock the connector and then push the thumb tab in and pull it apart. It comes apart easily.

Body connector:

  • Examine the small recess under the door opening that holds the wiring harness. Towards the back of this recess you'll notice the third electrical connector plugged into a small device with a white box on it.
  • Push the thumb tab on this connector to remove it. If you have difficulty, pull back the weatherstripping to gain more access, or use a 10mm socket to remove the two bolts that hold the assembly to the body.

Removing harness from van:

  • The harness is attached to the bottom of the lower drive unit by a plastic push pin taped to the harness. Remove the push pin from the electrical connector end of the plastic piece and the other end will then unhook from the drive unit.
  • Examine the bottom "arm" that connectors the door to the van. Remove the lower drive unit cover on this arm by unscrewing two screws. Take a picture of the drive unit wiring harness path before disturbing it. The harness then just lifts out of the drive unit.
  • The flexible plastic track that moves with the door is released from the drive unit by pulling out a thumb tab on the head of the track, preferably with a flat head screwdriver, and lowering it off the metal pin on the drive unit.
  • The other end of the flexible track is held to the floor(rocker panel) by a double push pin. Force it out. The new harness will have new push pins.
  • The harness continues from the flexible track along the outside of the rocker panel cavity to the pillar. There is one more push pin that anchors it to the rocker panel. Force it out. Then you should be able to pull the whole harness out.

Installation of new harness

  • Attach the three electrical connectors from the harness. Before connecting the door connector, appropriately route the wires around the "arm". If the new wiring sits too close to the gear, use a zip-tie to secure it down.
  • Push in the various push pins to ensure that the harness is secure.
  • After connecting up the battery, manually close the door. Then operate the door with the pillar button until it operates all the way closed and open. It has to relearn the force and travel limits again. It only took two times.


Latch removal

  1. Remove sliding door trim panel.
  2. Remove sliding door stop bumper.
  3. Peel watershield away from adhesive around perimeter of inner door panel.
  4. Disengage external cable from latch/lock assembly.
  5. Remove foam block.
  6. Remove inside door handle assembly .
  7. Disengage inside cable from latch/lock assembly.
  8. Disengage link from bellcrank.
  9. Disengage hold open latch cable from lower hinge.
  10. Remove bolts attaching latch/lock control to sliding door .
  11. If equipped, lower latch and disconnect wire connector from power door lock motor.
  12. Remove latch/lock from door.
Panel removal
  1. Remove sliding door upper frame molding.
  2. If removing the left sliding door trim panel, remove screw from inside ash receiver bezel.
  3. Remove screw from pull cup.
  4. Disengage push-in fasteners holding trim to door panel around perimeter and upper edge of door.
  5. Remove sliding door trim panel from vehicle.

Handle removal
  1. Remove sliding door trim panel.
  2. Remove screws attaching bottom of inside latch handle to sliding door.
  3. Remove two screw attaching top of inside latch handle to sliding door.
  4. Remove latch handle from sliding door.
  5. Disengage cable end from clip on release handle mechanism.
  6. Disengage cable end from release handle mechanism.
  7. Remove push pin fastener attaching cable end to release handle.
  8. Disengage cable casing end from release handle.
  9. Disengage cable end from latch handle.
  10. Remove handle from vehicle.


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