Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The fault is caused whenever a speaker lead is grounded to the vehicle chassis or other ground, not because it isn't grounded. First make absolutely sure that none of the speaker wires are grounding out. The best way is from the from the head unit side with a multimeter. Set the meter to read the lowest resistance scale (ohms), ground the negative meter lead, and probe the positive lead to each speaker wire . If you find a low resistance, repair or replace the wire.

Inside the faceplace near the bottom left, there's a little recessed push button. Remove the faceplace and with a straightened out paper clip, tip of a
ball point pen, or similar object, press the button for about 1-2 seconds. Then go into the "audio settings" and set POWER IC to POW ON. If this fails to work, the unit is probably defective.

Another possibility:--
It is def. A power supply problem. My car was having problems starting every once and a while, i took it to the mechanic and they said i had some dead cells in my battery. It just so happens, once i was having problems with my battery, is when i started getting the DC error. New battery, problem fixed. Take your battery up to the local automobile shop and check your battery. If that doesnt fix it, check speaker wires and power wires for shorts.

Amps have loaded down the battery/alternator system so heavy the head unit has detected a low dc voltage which prompted the dc error reading.
What to do? I think you must reset the head unit. Afterwards you may need to put in a heavy duty battery and alternator since you are sucking up lots of power from the car's electrical system with all those amps connected.
Reset will require the 12v battery line to be removed from the head unit for at least 20 minutes before powering it back up.


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