Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rival FRRVCB60 Ice Cream Maker

1. Pour chilled ice cream mixture into cooled ICE CREAM CAN. Fill ICE CREAM CAN only 3/4 full, as mixture will expand during freezing.
2. Insert DASHER. Be sure that bottom of DASHER fits the indentation at bottom of ICE CREAM CAN.
4. Place filled ICE CREAM CAN in BUCKET. Make sure ICE CREAM CAN is centered and engages with bottom of BUCKET.
5. Place MOTOR DRIVE over ICE CREAM CAN so that stem of DASHER engages hole in bottom of MOTOR DRIVE. Rotate ICE CREAM CAN slightly until MOTOR DRIVE engages ICE CREAM CAN COVER. Rotate the motor counter clockwise to secure tabs underneath motor into the
bucket. Plug power cord into 120 volt AC outlet.
6. While ice cream maker is running, distribute 2 inches of ice around bottom of BUCKET. Sprinkle approximately 1/4 cup salt uniformly over layer of ice.
NOTE: The DASHER does not move, the ICE CREAM CAN turns around it.
7. Continue adding layers of ice, with salt between layers, until ice level reaches top of rotating ICE CREAM CAN. NOTE: Should ice cream maker stop before churning is complete (approximately 20-40 minutes), check to see if large ice cubes are jammed against the rotating ice cream can.
8. Ice cream should churn about 20-40 minutes or until motor stops. Unplug and remove MOTOR DRIVE.
9. Clear ice and salt away from top of ICE CREAM CAN. Wipe carefully to remove salt and water before removing the COVER. Lift out DASHER and scrape clean with a rubber spatula. Pack ice cream down into ICE CREAM CAN.

Important points:---

TO ACHIEVE A SMOOTH TEXTURED ICE CREAM: Carefully follow the ice and salt amounts indicated. As the ice melts and the ice level decreases, add small amounts of ice to maintain the original level.

TO LOOSEN JAMMED ICE: Unplug the power cord and twist ice cream can several times. Plug in cord to restart churning process. If jamming continues, add 2 cups of water to BUCKET.
ICE CREAM should churn approximately 25-40 minutes or until motor stops. If you choose to churn less than the 3/4 volume of liquid recipe, the motor may not stop. Occasionally check mixture until ice cream looks like fluffy mashed potatoes. Unplug and remove MOTOR DRIVE.

DRAIN HOLE: Check frequently to make sure salt water flows freely
through the hole. A plugged drain hole may allow salt water to seep into
the ICE CREAM CAN and ruin the ice cream.
SET IN SINK or above sink drain to catch excess water.

AUTO SAFETY SHUT OFF: This ice cream maker is supplied with an AUTO
SAFETY SHUTOFF. Should the motor become overheated it will turn off. In
order to restart the ice cream freezer, the following steps must be followed:
1. Unplug the ice cream freezer.
2. Wait at least 20 minutes for motor to cool.
3. Plug in and operate normally.

To get ice cream maker manual, please click the link below:---