Monday, June 13, 2011

Samsung RB 1855SL beeps every 5 seconds and freezer is fine?

For temprory solotion try this :---
Just gently pried the door sensor switch on my Samsung RB1855SL out with a butter knife and then pulled out the electrical connection and it fired up right away.

Permanent fix is to replace the switch, its easy to replace.
The fridge side of the fridge/freezer door switch . Removing the double switch (it's a press fit) enables the fridge fan to work and inside light too.
unplug the front door switch untill you can get a replacement one.
Un plug the unit first.

If you pry the switch slowly, you would see 4 wires on the switch. two for the light and two for the fan.

Check the switch closely and if you find any burnt marks, then replace the switch.

If the switch looks fine, have a meter and test the contacts. Two terminal should be close and the other two would be open. then as you press the switch, the status of the contacts would reverse..

Its a $9 part plus this link to order part, if switch is faulty:---
I just connected the wires from old switch and it started working without replacing you can also try that.Remove the switch, disconnect old wires and clean them with contact cleaner, then reconnect where it were before. don't forget the position of wires, so please note down there position before removing the wires.This will be helpful.

See below part number 31 is one of the