Monday, June 13, 2011

The sliding door not getting properly open or closed on 2005 Chrysler Town and Country

Wiring harness is a bad design. The wiring in the caterpillar harness breaks and causes a short when the door reaches a certain point and then the power stops to it.

The harness is inside that black plastic chain. The plastic protects it from rubbing everything as the door moves. It comes as one peice with that chain, you cannot buy it any other way. This is something that all dealers will have in stock,

to see if it comes out easy. The end of the plastic chain is connected inside to the bottom of the car with another smooth-looking plastic covered wire or something and to the bottom with some kind of bracket and the other end of the plastic chain curls back to the door istelf into the metal door bracket.

you will disconnect on both ends. On the door end there is the connector, the van end has a connector behind the trim panel next to the left seat. You will see when you get your new one no problem. Follow it back up, you will see where it goes into the panel, it doesn't go in far, you can unplug it without removing the panel, you can sneak your arm in there.

One user replaced the harness and his description as follows:---

Disconnect the negative battery cable. You don't have to take the door trim off, just the trim on the pillar(column between the front door and the sliding door) and the lower sill plate(plastic trim like a door threshold). I took the bolt that holds the seatbelt in at the base of the pillar so I could get the trim off enough to undo the electrical connection. That may not be necessary though. You push down on a little tab on the top of the electrical connector and it comes apart easily. The other end of the harness is on the door and is visible below the door trim. That connector is a little trickier because it has two locking methods. You pull the gray lever down and then push a thumb tab in and pull it apart. It comes apart easily. Next the harness is attached to the bottom of the lower drive unit by a plastic piece taped to the harness. Remove the push pin from the electrical connector end of the plastidc piece and the other end will then unhook from the drive unit. Remove the lower drive unit cover by unscrewing two screws. Take a picture of the drive unit wiring harness path before disturbing it. The harness then just lifts out of the drive unit. The flixible plastic track that moves with the door is released from the drive unit by pulling out a thumb tab on the head of the track and lifting it off the metal pin on the drive unit. The other end of the flexible track is held to the floor(rocker panel) by a double push pin. Force it out. The new harness will have new push pins. The harness contiunes from the flexible track along the outside of the rocker panel cavity to the pillar. There is one more push pin that anchors it to the rocker panel. Force it out. Then you should be able to pull the whole harness out. Chrysler needed the VIN number to get the right harness part number. Yours may not be exactly like mine. My part number/description is 4868122-AE channel S 23009051. It only took me 15 minutes to put it in. After connecting up the battery, manually close the door. Then operate the door with the pillar button until it operates all the way closed and open. It has to relearn the force and travel limits again. It only took two times. This is how it was on my particular 2005. Yours may be somewhat different. The part at Chrysler was $71.00 plus tax.

Mine did the same thing, we have an extended warranty but apprenetly since this part is not listed on the warranty sheet, they said that they do not have to cover it. Part #4868122AE Dealer estimate to replace was $230 and $48 to check out problem, deducted from bill after it is fixed. You can purchase the part for $82.96 +$8.95 shipping


I took my 05 T&C into the dealer today because my Drivers side sliding door would stop about an inch after opening. It would not work for about a 4 inch span. It was always the same spot. I thought its was the motor issue.o i replaced the motor, but the problem was same.So i got help from the dealership and they pointed me towards the new motor.Long story short the dealer said I needed a new sliding door motor, wiring harness, and track. They said it would be $961. I told them that they need to find out what part was wrong, and to not just replace everything. They charged me $80 to diagnose it, and still said I needed to spend $961 to fix the problem.

I came home this evening pulled out the wiring in the caterpillar harness and found a broken wire. I temporarily spliced it together and it works fine now. I am going to go back into the dealer tomorrow and show them that if they would have actually diagnosed my problem, they would have saved themselves a customer. However, I will purchase a replacement wiring harness from another dealer, and demand my diagnostic charge back.-------------

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