Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator the fridge temperature is on 40?

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I have a Sub-Zero model 650/S with the bottom freezer . For some time now the refrigerator section will not hold the temperature at 38 deg F. The setting is at 38 but the temperature hovers between the mid 40's to the low to mid 50's. It did have some ice build up on the inside left back panel above the internal drawer, but it seems to have quit. What could cause the temperature to rise and not be able to achieve set-point? But freezer temp is at proper level.

It sounds like you have a sealed system problem.If you open the door and press and hold either colder button,and press the on/off button the display will change to a diagnostic mode.Pressing the colder key will allow you to toggle between the readings.You only need to toggle through 5 times.Check this and record the readings and we will see what is going on.also,are the fans running in the refrigerator.

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The codes are as follows:

-04 F

50 r

-13 FE

51 rE

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Ok,now I need you to open the refrigerator door and leave open for five minuets.Then repeat the diagnostics.Record those and let me know what you find.Your refrigerator evaperator temp is pretty high as well as compartment temp.

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Ok, now the readings are:

02 F

58 r

-04 FE

51 rE

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Ok,at this point it is pointing to a sealed system problem.I will need you to also check the following:--- Does the fan run in the refigerator?Also look at the condensor coil above the unit.Is it clean?After you check that,run the diagnostic 1 more time.I want to make sure the unit compressor was not shut down during the test.Also how old is this sub zero.You have a 10 years warranty on the sealed system.

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The fan on the top is running. Is there another fan inside that I need to check? The condensor coil has a little dust, but I have cleaned it not to long ago as a first response. The codes are now:

08 F

55 r

-01 FE

55 rE

The refrigerator is less than seven years old.

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You for sure have a leak of refrigerant.What you are looking at in the diagnostics are the freezer temp,refrigerator temp,the freezer evaperator temp,and the refrigerator evaperator temp.You should have seen a 5 degree drop on the refrigerator evaperator temp with the door open.At 7 years old you will have to pay labor to repair the unit,but parts are covered.Make sure you use an authorized servicer,I can not stress that enough,to do the repair.You probably looking at a new evaperator and heat exchanger.Not sure about labor,but I charge $225.00 to work on the sealed system of a sub zero.Just call subzero and they will put you in touch with a servicer in your area.