Monday, June 6, 2011

timing on ford 7.3 diesel IDI non turbo?

It is gear to gear timing .You wont effect base timing that way but you can screw up injection timing the pump mounting holes are slotted to adjust the timing . It should be set at 5 degrees for best performance the actual spec is 3.5 + or- 2 degrees

you will need a timing tool that has a clamp for the fuel line to read the injection pulse on number 1 fuel line.

You will know immediately when you remove the gear housing plate and see that big gear that drives the ip( injector pump) from the cam gear, which is directly below the ip( injector pump) gear. There is no belt on any 7.3 IDI or PSD that runs anything internally. Just belts that run accesories on the outside of the engine.

No belts or chains (gear to gear). When you take the injector pump out you have to take the oil spout of so you can take the screws out of the timing gear the goes to the injector pump. The timing is gear to gear meaning no chains or belts witch means the timing gear on the injector pump turns against the cam timing gear. Your injector pumps has slots on it were the studs that mount it are. That gives you play to rotate your injector pump to advance or retard your timing. The best to do it is to take a marker and mark on you injector pump and housing that it bolts to that way it goes back the same way it came out. You don't have to worry about the timing gear because it has a dowl pin in it and it will only go back one way. As long as you don't rotate the motor while you have the pump off.