Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The upright freezer Frigidaire was working perfectly fine then one day it was not freezing ?

The compressor fault,
The compressor is leaking its Freon.----------- What is Freon? The Freon is a cooling refrigerant in the compressor.Its like a gas.The unit starts cooling with the refrigerant in the compressor.------- There is a leak in the compressor and that's causing the refrigerant to leak.You will need to get your compressor replaced.In some cases the leak can be sealed by a silicon sealant and required refrigerant can be again charged in compressor.---------- This job has to be done by special licensed tools.The HVAC repair techs have all this tools.They will first detect the leak , if the leak is major get the compressor replaced.But if leak is very minor then the leak has to be sealed by the sealant.The HVAC techs have this sealant with them.After the leak is sealed the pressure in the compressor is checked by the pressure tool.As per the pressure, additional refrigerant will again be added to the compressor and you can use the same compressor.--------- But as per me, if you get compressor replaced, then it will give exact required cooling. ---------- To get new compressor for you Frigidaire upright freezer, please click the link below:---