Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wd 65831 projector tv comes on for about 5 minutes then goes off and red lamp comes on?

what others say for this problem:---

So far the solution for me with the air flow problem seems to be just letting the TV shut off, then turning it on a number of times until it decides to stay on. I’m going to dig into this on AVS and see what’s up, I will keep you posted.

Update #1: This guy said he took the lamp out, and found dust on the filter and blew it off to fix the problem. I will try that if it happens again. (NOTE: I tried this, it didn’t change anything)

Update #2: All the AVS owner thread issues, and some confirmation that it’s a known issue.

Update #3: Here it is, it looks to be a problem with one of the two temperature sensors on the light housing. Apparently it’s a known issue with Mitsubishi so they should know exactly what to fix.

Update #4: A buddy of mine, Chris Hunkele, has the WD-65831 as well and noticed just about the same time I did that he was getting the “Air Flow” issue as well. He stuck a small fan next to his air intake and a temperature gauge and noticed that it doesn’t start happening until the house is around 77 degress, which is almost exactly when I start to notice it as well. Now I’m starting to think this isn’t a problem as much as a honest-to-god issue that the TV is getting too hot. I had no idea it would be so limiting… hmmm.

Update #5: Well the TV is dead now and won’t stay on for more than 10 seconds before shutting off. I even tried a huge fan right next to it… I think the temperature gauges are shot.

Update #6: Larry just followed up with the official announcement from Mitsubishi that they are extending under-warranty repairs for the defective thermal sensors up to 2 years beyond the original 1 year warranty:

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc (MDEA) 2006 DLP® Projection Televisions Models: WD-52631, WD-57731, WD-65731, WD-Y57, WD-Y65, WD-57732, WD- 65732, WD-57831, WD-65831.

As part of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, MDEA is announcing an extension of the warranty coverage to replace the thermal sensor for the above referenced models. For a period of two additional years beyond the one year limited warranty, MDEA will cover the cost of the thermal sensor (parts and labor) at no charge. All other terms of the MDEA limited warranty will continue to apply.

Update #7: The comments for this post have been growing, with a lot of conversation around the updated light housing in the WD-xxx35 series of sets from Mitsubishi. For example the WD-65835 and so on.

As reader Bob has pointed out, this light housing got a total rework with housing design, lamp model and with some revised ventilation as well. Bob has been kind enough to include a picture of the rear/side of the WD-65835 for folks to take a peek at, thanks Bob!