Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What are the steps to change a Kia Sedona Starter?

The starter can be removed from under the vehicle. But before doing anything,first disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery.Do start the procedure with battery connected. The starter is located on the frame rail on the driver's side. Lift the car up on jack stands.Give proper support to the car before working under the car to locate and remove the starter.Now before removing the starter you will have to remove the upper intake manifold bracket .This manifold bracket is held by 4 screws,remove those screws first to loose the upper intake manifold bracket.Then remove the wiring connections from starter solenoid mounted on the top of the starter motor.There are two wiring connectors remove both.Both the wiring connectors are fitted by a nut.Remove both the nuts and loosen both the wiring connector.Now loosen the starter connecting bolts and remove the starter carefully from the engine compartment.In the reverse procedure reconnect the new/replacement starter and complete the procedure.

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