Friday, June 17, 2011

Where is maxi/ main fuse located on 1200 custom sportster

No power:---
The main fuse may be under the seat.You can try this follow the wire coming from the battery that doesn't go to the starter but comes from the positive terminal.-------
The other location for fuse.
There is a 30amp "Maxifuse" that is located under the battery cover next the battery. That is the system fuse and the first thing I would check. It is in a stand alone case.
This MAXi/MAIN fuse is shorted and needs to be replaced.---------

The battery cables are the most likely culprit in this sort of situation
they can be a bit of a pest to get to the battery connections on a solid mount sportster by taking the seat off you will get better access you may also need to remove the ignition module cover to get good access to the end of the battery strap
help from an assistant may also be useful to hold the battery at a slight angle to be able to get tools on to the connections
when dealing with a battery always disconnect the negative first and reconnect last.---------
Check the voltage of battery.Also remove the battery out and get the load test done.This will confirm if battery is the issue.
batteries are easy to over look when they are putting out good volts,get the battery load test done at local garage.