Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yaw rate sensor located on Mercedes-Benz C-Class?

Yaw sensor is used most of the times by the abs or vehicle stability system to measure change in direction of the vehicle.
The Yaw Rate Sensor is in the trunk , Under the plastic screw down panel.
'Yaw rate & lateral acceleration sensor' should be under the trunk floor - behind the rear seats.
The sensor is very costly part and requires labor charge too for replacing it.
You can still drive it youll just have the esp light on. And your traction control wont work.
Even though the sensor is out and the Traction Control (BAS/ESP) is shut down, the ABS system will still operate normally.

To test the Yaw Sensor:1. Remove the Sensor from the Car.2. Aply 12 Volt on the Sensor.3.Connect on the output terminal the multitester. 4.Move the Sensor to the left and right. When the output voltage is changing up and down the Sensor is ok.When the voltage is zero or stable supply voltage the Sensor is damage.

Part number for sensor is

MERCEDES-BENZ A 0005426518
BOSCH 0265005200
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