Thursday, July 7, 2011

1996 buick park avenue blower motor relay and resistor?

The blower motor resistor location:---

Buick Park Avenue Blower Resistor

The blower motor relay location:---

Buick Park Avenue Blower Resistor

also it can be faulty blower control module :---
The blower module is located under the hood, on the firewall right next to the blower motor . It is fairly simple to change

You can get this blower control module IN ANY JUNK YARD, OR YOU CAN PAY $75-$150 ON-LINE OR AT A DEALER

ACDelco 15-72530 Blower Motor Control Module
(AC Delco - 15-72530, 1572530, B000C9FHLQ, B0015PR656)

When you checked the voltage at the blower motor, did you use the ground in the same connector? At the blower control module, I am showing battery power at red wire, ground at black wire, blower speed input from the HVAC programmer on the gray/black wire, and the blower out on the purple wire. Another item in the circuit is the HVAC programmer, it supplies a blower speed control output to the blower module, and also recieves a feedback from a splice on the purple wire through a fuse. I will attach the schematic.

The power from the control module to the fan and feedback fuse is 1.91vdc from the purple to the black lead at the fan motor.
The red to the control module is battery power.
The gray/black wire has just under 11vdc on it.
The purple at the splice is a good connection, the 10A feedback fuse is good.