Sunday, July 3, 2011

cooling fan diagram for a chrysler 300?


1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
2. Partially drain cooling system (Refer to 7 - COOLING - STANDARD PROCEDURE).
3. Remove upper radiator hose (3).
4. Disconnect cooling fan electrical connector (2).
5. Remove cooling fan mounting bolts.
6. Remove radiator cooling fan assembly (1) from vehicle.

Here is a wiring diagram of the circuit. There are 3 relays involved and they are all controller by the front control module. The relays are in the underhood fuse box.


The relays provide 12 volts to the fan.....the third one is tied into the a/c system.

you have to remove your air intake (stock air box or CAI) back to the throttle body. You also need to move the electrical snake that crosses over the radiator up and out of the way.

I see no reason (unless your paranoid about electrical issues) to remove the battery cable. I did not. The only electrical items are the IAT sensor and the fan control cable. Both those are foolproof connectors and pose no difficulty. He also indicates to remove the top radiator hose. I also found this unnecessary. You simply need to move it out of the way.

I did this using a short bungie chord and the fuse box terminal as the anchor...

This is a good time to check inside the Tstat housing connector and down inside the radiator hose itself. When I did this I didn't particularly like the look of the Tstat housing... it looks as if it was painted internally, and of course the antifreeze does a number on paint. But what was left didn't wipe or scrape off, so I left it.

The fan control chord connector is on the fan housing, just above the low-speed fan and easy to access and disconnect once you've moved the radiator hose. Then there are only two bolts which hold the fan housing assembly in place. The first is located just under the other end of the top radiator hose... it can be accessed without removing the hose entirely. The bolt head size is either 10 mm or 8 mm... I don't recall now.

The other bolt is on the opposite side in a similar location...

I was concerned that there might be a third and fourth bolt down below, but was pleased to find that the connections on the bottom side are merely slide on positioning pins. It took a little bit of persuasion to lift the fan housing out of the engine bay. You have to work the bolt tabs and the lower positioning pin tabs past the radiator hose on the passenger side and the two small hoses on the driver's side.

fan housing...

These two stips of plastic/rubber were totally chewed up! Here's a closer look.

But it was not obvious to me where they are supposed to be mounted. They are the right length to go along the side of the housing, but... There is no tell-tale sign of something that slipped off the housing (like a dirt line), and they didn't appear to be curved in the way that would follow the outer edge of the fan shrouds.

Then it occurred to me that perhaps they mounted on the edge of the radiator itself. There seems to be a place where the plastic part could mount and leave the rubbery fin reaching out to seal to the fan housing.