Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Everstar Dual Zone Beverage Center HDBC36ID is not cooling?

First read the trouble question faced by the everstar HDBC36ID users:--- In the lower side there are solutions which you can try to resolve this issue.-----------

The water is leaking from my everstar unit?
My everstar unit is not cooling?
My 14 months old Beverage/Wine cooler is not cooling anymore. My white whine side was set to 55F but know the temp is 65F and the red wine side was set up at 61F and now is 78F. I unplugged and took all the wine bottles out. What should I do?
We are having the same problem with water collecting in the bottom of both sides and now the wine (left side) is not cooling well.
Same problem as all of you here... water (condensation) pooling on one side (mine happens to be the right side) and now that side is not cooling. This thing is only 10 months old
Our Everstar HDBC361D quit working after 17 months! I'm in for a class action lawsuit. I appears that Franklin knew they sold a defective unit.
One year to the date. My wine cooler is not cooling. For a $500 wine cooler this is unreal.
Does anyone have a solution to the problem??

Purchased Decelmber of 2007 so the age is past the one year warranty; put in service March 2008; now ten months later the wine cooler is not cooling.
I have the same model - HDBC36ID, with the same problem. The left side (when facing it) runs but does not cool, is at 74 degrees. The right side cools when first plugged in (went to 39 degrees initially) but within 24 hours, it's running at 54 degrees when it is set at 37 degrees. The unit was purchased Dec 2007 and not put into service until Dec 2008 - it has never been used.


probably try this before junking your fridge

The fan i placed in the cabinet (typical portable fan) ended up really doing the trick. It immediately dropped and stabilized the temps of the cooler! I figured the Everstar just needs more circulation around the back of the unit, and sides. As it comes from the factory it is woefully equipped with such a small fan.

What my plan to do is, buy two 6" whisper quiet box fans and wire it to the outlet and mount them so that they move air around the compressor and case of the cooler.
Heres the specs of the fan i bought.


Plugged into outlet and i located it so that it blows out over the top of the cooler out through the gap above it. Vents in the bottom draw cool air in and keeps the air circulating. THis is a cheap and quiet fan that has worked so far for the heat issue with the Everstar in built in cabinets. I also put accoustic foam treatment around the walls to cut down on any noise from the cooler or the fan, which was not much...but i like things really quiet. Try this option, but if its still not helping then evaporator is leaked.

Sorry to break it to y'all, but Everstar went out of business (probably bankrupt). There's nothing filing a lawsuit would do now.
I returned our unit to Home Depot with relative ease... I think they were all aware there is a problem with these units.

They refunded the full purchase price (even though I was well past the 12-month warranty period). I put the money toward a GE Profile unit that's a little bigger - more expensive, yes; but it works, priceless!

Jesus sounds like we all got screwed on these HDBC36ID beverage coolers
Most likely the steel evaporator on the inside is leaking. Look for rust spots in the inside corners. Or inside the back unscrew the cover and look at the evaporator coil for rust spots. If it has any it has lost freon. To fix this a new evaporator needs to be made out of copper.
Yeah the evap is steel, and the leak in this one was on the right hand evap, where they wrapped the cap tube around it. I was able to repair it, I used Staybright for flux, and 45 to close the leak. We'll see how it goes.
Lability stay's with Home Depot, they sold the units after they found out that the units were bad. that is FRAUD
We have a HDBC361D that has been growling for the six months since we installed it. Yesterday the warning beeper, which is very hard to hear, went off and I check it. Yikes! The left side was 71degrees and the right...80. My God, I didn't want to cook the wine. I check with Home Depot's Atlanta office and they said the original company was bankrupt (small wonder after the comments above) but that A&E Factory Service (1-800-950-8835) would know what to do. Our local HD also looked up my receipt on their data base. The manager of the local store called me this pm to check on progress. I called the number above and they are closed. I'll check on Monday. If it is going to cost an arm & leg, I'll go back to my local HD with my complaint about a very inferior product and copies of all the comments you folks have made above and see if I can get a replacement. Interesting that comments about this model date back to 2005. I should have checked before we bought it. We also had water on the front left and right that would pool up about once a week. We balanced it and still the same thing happened. Then the temp controls went haywire and we unplugged it. We have only had it operating for 6 months and only today have had to disconnect same.I will never buy this everstar unit or any other everstar product.
bought same beverage/wine cooler. Issue was same. left side coil rusted through in less than 18 months. Left side fan also went bad. We own a Commercial Refrigeration company and would at least back our product. Seems to be coils are made out of inferior coated metal with plastic that rusted through. Would WE have know this as well would have left it on shelf at store.
I had the same problem with the wine side not cooling after only a year and right after the warranty expired. After reading this webiste and seeing the similar problems other people were having I began making phone calls. First, I called 877-545-5445, and spoke with Eric, who is Director of Operations for Parts & Service, after several phone calls, I was told I needed a work order #, then I was transferred to 877-261-9867 to get a work order number. I spoke to Rosa, who was very helpful. I had to fax her my sales receipt from Home Depot, luckily I keep all home purchase receipts and faxed it to her at: 877-759-5113. I had to call repeatedly to get a work order number then when I received it from Rosa I then called Eric with the #. After about a week I received a call from the local repair company. As of today the repairman came but was sent the wrong board and they are supposed to have it overnighted to them in order to get this fixed.

Best solution is to junk it. I paid Sears $64.00 to check mine out ... needs new compressor plus other parts for total fix of $400. The serviceman said there is a rumor that Sears may decline working on Franklin products. I purchased a nice Danby wine cooler on sale from Werners Stellian for $500 ... free delivery and they took the junk away. It has two year warranty plus five years on the compressor.Its working without any issue i am happy with my Danby.
We bought two and BOTH quit working. The first died at 10 months and the other survived to the ripe old age of 18 months. A serviceman came out five times to fix the first one with no luck. During that time the serviceman was getting no support from Everstar. They finally came to the conclusion that the control board was faulty and nothing they could do.Because the parts for everstar are not available and there is no substitute board parts available.------------

Same problems with my piece of junk Everstar.
FIRST - water inside.. Mine did this right after the warrenty ended. The compartments around the evaporators are not sealed properly. You get to the compartments from the inside (take out the selves and unscrew the back panels). Then just use waterproof silicon sealant/caulk to seal around the edges and around the drain (don't clog the drain!).

SECOND - stops cooling. Mine did this about 6 months later. I was so pissed I let it sit for 6 months before calling a repair man. Turns now now the evaporators are rusting all over. A pinhole leak developed. it was so small you couldn't see it. They had to use teh dye and still couldn't see it. They finally pulled out the evaporator out and used a spotlight to find the spraying mist.
Piece of junk.