Friday, July 8, 2011

How to remove gears on 6060x GBC Shredder

Motor/Drive Gear Removal
Remove the four phillips head screws from the double drive idler gear side support bracket.
Remove the snap ring from the main drive gear, slide out and remove the double drive gear.
Slide out and remove the double drive gear.
Remove the four phillips screws securing the motor.

Note the orientation of the cutter shaft gears for assembly purposes. For best shredding quality, mark both shafts for reassembly.
Slide pin out from the upper cutter shaft and slide out the cutter gear.
Remove the snap ring from lower cutter gear and slide out.

Cutter Shaft and Stripper
Assembly Removal
Remove the E-ring from the lower cutter shaft on the L.H. side frame.
5. Remove reverse cam by depressing the three locking tabs on the auto gear.
6. Remove E-ring and auto gear from the upper cutter gear.
7. Remove the E-ring from the upper cutter shaft on the L.H. side frame.
8. Remove the five 1/2” phillips screws from the R.H. side frame.
9. Remove the four 3/8” phillips screws, mounting the R.H. side frame and the
bearing holder together .
10. Cut the wire tie holding motor wires to support plate-D.
11. Remove cutter assembly.

1. The shredder is easily assembled by following the disassembly instructions
in the reverse order.
Upon reassembly, slight rotation of the cutter gears may be necessary to align
the teeth of the cutter gears when installing. Before installing the remaining gear
train, test the chip size by manually shredding one sheet of paper. Failure to
align the cutters will result in incomplete shredding and reduced shred capacity.

There are two manuals available , which are near to same as your shredder, but not exactly same.But this both manuals have gear box disassembly procedure.--------
This will help you out in case of complete disassembly part by part:---
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