Saturday, July 9, 2011

How TO replace passenger side side view mirror on 2001 toyota corolla

Just got through replacing 2001 Corolla Passenger power mirror. Snapped the orginal off leaving only the wires and mount. Bought a generic new one online for $75 at Getting the old one off was simple. Pry off black triangular plate inside car from the window edge side first. I did it with only my fingers! Next remove the 3-10mm nuts holding the old one on. I didn't have to remove door panel to do this. If you are planning on connecting up new mirror with plug you will have to remove door panel. I simply spliced my bare old three wires, blue, green and black into plug on new mirror. Same colored wires, works great and easy install. Takes less than 10 mins. Reinstall new mirror in reverse.

there is a good video showing how to remove this.Click the link below and see the video:---