Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to replace spark plugs for hyundai XG 350?

The spark plugs in your Hyundai XG350 (as in any other vehicle) are responsible for providing the engine cylinders with the electricity needed to perform the car's ignition. The spark ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber in the engine and provides the power to move the car forward. After roughly 30,000 miles, these spark plugs wear down and need to be changed.

You will need this tools to follow this procedure:--
  • Socket wrench
  • Spark plug socket extension
  • Socket extension
  • Spark plug gap checker

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  • Open the hood and locate the spark plug wires on the Hyundai XG350. The wires run across the top of the engine and are either blue or black (depending on the manufacturer of the last spark plug wires that were installed). The spark plugs are underneath the wires, so these must be removed. However, only remove them one at a time, starting with the right-most spark plug.Pull the spark plug wire out. Hold onto the plug section of the spark plug wire and pull it out of the engine. There is nothing holding it in place, but it does fit snug over the top of the spark plug so you will need to pull pretty hard.Attach the socket extension to the socket wrench and then attach the spark plug extension over the end of the socket extension.Slide the socket wrench and extension down into the top of the engine and orient the wrench so that the socket extension slides over the top of the spark plug.Turn the spark plug counterclockwise and pull the extension straight out fo the engine to remove the plug.Hold the new spark plug in your hand so that you can easily see the electrodes. Slide the spark plug gap checker between the electrodes. The gap checker looks like a flat metal disc of varying thicknesses. On the face of the disc, there are numbers that represent different inches or millimeters of thickness. Adjust the gap between the electrodes by bending the top electrode on the plug either up with the assistance of the gap tool or down with your thumb until the gap is 0.043 in or 1.1mm. This gap measurement is specific to the XG350, so the gap must be made to this specification for optimum spark.Insert the spark plug into the spark plug socket with the electrodes facing out and insert the plug into the engine. Turn clockwise to tighten the plug until you feel resistance. Then, give the plug an additional 1/8 to 1/4 turn.Slide the spark plug wire back over the top of the spark plug and repeat steps 4 through 7 for each engine cylinder spark plug.
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